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Community in Church

Hey y’all! I’ve had so many subjects I’ve wanted to post on lately, but haven’t taken any time to do so, but I will eventually! This subject seems both timely … Continue reading

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Spring Room Spray

Hello friends!  It’s been a while since we met last, I hope you’re doing well in this beautiful Texas spring weather (and if you’re not in Texas, you should probably … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of the Pokies

Hello there!  Do you love your husband’s beard, but hate the way it pokes you? I do! I love the way my husband looks with a beard but sometimes it … Continue reading

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DIY Dryer Sheets

The further we get into a more holistic life style the more I learn about how awful the chemicals are in our everyday products.  So, slowly but surely we are … Continue reading

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Stepping Out of the Boat

Every year our church does a corporate fast to kick off the New Year.  And every year Destin and I participate by giving up little things (example: last year I … Continue reading

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Control vs. Rest

Control, it’s a substance that I am addicted to.  I want to know what’s coming next, I want to know what’s happening where, when and why.  It’s something I’ve struggled … Continue reading

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My Underarm Detox

Let’s be honest, there is a trend right now of going “all natural.”  This doesn’t only apply in the food we choose to consume, but also in the products we … Continue reading

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