Spring Room Spray

Hello friends!  It’s been a while since we met last, I hope you’re doing well in this beautiful Texas spring weather (and if you’re not in Texas, you should probably come for a visit in the next few days before we hit the triple digits). In honor of Young Living’s March promotions I want to tell you a little bit about my spring cleaning routine!  If you didn’t know already, Young Living is giving away their Thieves line household cleaner (and a lot of other great products).March Promo 2016  It’s a safe alternative to use in your household so you can clean toys and counters without worrying about what chemicals your sweet baby is putting in their mouth, or the chemicals your veggies might be picking up off the counter!  Aside from this wonderful product, my favorite (year round) cleaner is a home made room spray!  I love that I’m not breathing in those awful chemicals in aerosols, and it removes the fur-baby smell from our home and furniture!  Speaking of, meet our fur-babies:

Bear (left) & Bruce Wayne (right)

I usually just put Purification in my room spray, but today I was feeling adventurous and decided to add a few extra ‘flavors’ to spice up our spring time routine.  Now to get to the reason you’re here- the spray!

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What you’ll need:

  • 3 oz Glass spray bottle
  • 1 oz Witch Hazel (to help the water and the oils mix)
  • 2 oz Distilled Water (because there are no added ingredients, it’s just water)
  • 15 drops Young Living Purification essential oil blend
  • 10 drops Young Living Bergamot Vitality essential oil
  • 10 drops Young Living Lime essential oil
  • 10 drops Young Living Orange essential oil

Put all ingredients in your spray bottle, shake it up well and spray where desired.  Today I sprayed it on my fur-babys favorite spots to sleep and in our air filters so the smell of the spray filters throughout the house.  The smell from the spray doesn’t last very long, but once it’s dissipated you’re left with a neutral smell, nothing bad and nothing over powering!  Enjoy your spring cleaning with this fabulous room spray, and if you need to get your hands on any of these oils contact me at hannahkate.tx@gmail.com so I can help you get a hold of them!


Getting Rid of the Pokies

DIY Beard Cream

Hello there!  Do you love your husband’s beard, but hate the way it pokes you? I do! I love the way my husband looks with a beard but sometimes it just gets to be too coarse and hurts when I kiss him.  So, in order to get more kisses we came up with a beard cream- to soften the beard and promote healthy growth!

A Boy and His Dog 02.19.16This is my husband Destin and our Beagle Bruce Wayne.  As you can see we’re in the process of growing out the beard so it’s at it’s pokiest right now!

DIY Beard CreamBeard Cream Set Up1

  • Glass Jar
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
  • 15 drops Young Living Rosemary essential oil
  • 10 drops Young Living Cedarwood essential oil
  • 5 drops Young Living Frankincense essential oil

Use some elbow grease (or a mixer) to mix these ingredients. After doing some reading on coconut oil we decided not to heat the oil so we wouldn’t lose any of the health benefits. We used Rosemary to stimulate hair growth, Cedarwood because it smells manly (it also helps stimulate hair growth), and frankincense because it’s good for the skin. We like labels so we also stuck a chalk board label on the jar and voila, we have the beard cream!

Beard Ceam Final1To use: get a necessary amount for the beard you have and rub in until no excess is left. 

DIY Dryer Sheets

The further we get into a more holistic life style the more I learn about how awful the chemicals are in our everyday products.  So, slowly but surely we are changing out our products for more natural remedies.  One of my first changes was to natural deodorant (you can find the recipe here); my husband tried natural deodorant and wasn’t a big fan (I’m still believing that we just haven’t found the right recipe for him) but I love mine.  Our next change was to Young Living’s Thieves Aroma Bright toothpaste; we like to add a drop of orange to it for an extra boost of whitening power.

Our next endeavor is dryer sheets!  These dryer sheets will help to reduce static and soften our clothes.  I bought swatches of fabric from our local craft store because I didn’t have any extra fabric laying around to use.  Then I sewed the edges with a zig-zag stitch to keep them from fraying after repeated use.Dryer Sheets4

After creating 27 of these (I’ll be using 5-6 sheets per load), I put them in a wide mouthed jar and added:

  • 1 cup Distilled White Vinegar
  • 20 drops YL Lime essential oil
  • 15 drops YL Purification essential oil blend

Dryer Sheets1.jpg

I added Lime essential oil because I love the way it smells so fresh with a tropical twist, and Purification is perfect for killing old smells, and it also leaves behind a fresh, clean smell because of the Lemongrass EO in it.  So, the next time I do laundry I’ll just throw in 5-6 sheets into the dryer to dry with my clothes.  The vinegar smell won’t stay, but the Lime and Purification will leave a fresh scent behind.

With these brightly colored dryer sheets and the fresh smell of Lime and Purification, I can’t wait to do my next load of laundry!

Stepping Out of the Boat

Every year our church does a corporate fast to kick off the New Year.  And every year Destin and I participate by giving up little things (example: last year I fasted social media). But this year we are believing for some pretty big things, so we dove head first into a Daniel Fast.  I was fasting and praying for a new job, because back in November God finally released me from my current job, so I knew there was a door that had to open soon.  Well, a door definitely opened, I just wasn’t expecting what was on the other side.


On January 16 I went to a women’s event hosted by SFL (Sister’s Faith Life) where Jessika Tate was the guest speaker.  Praise and worship was wonderful and Jessika’s message was powerful!  But what got me the most was her last story, which she ended by imploring us to fall in love with God not just be content with only loving Him (as many of us love pizza, or love the newest car, etc).  And she explained that people who are in love are obedient while those who are afraid want to be obedient but often fail because it’s not from their heart.  I had been searching for a deeper love with Him so I took this opportunity to really open my heart up to my God and allow Him to see the way I wanted to love Him and to let Him know I wanted to be obedient no matter the cost.  And then He revealed the cost to me: He told me to quit my job.  I asked Him for confirmation, because this was a big life decision, so I went to one of my SFL sisters and told her what our God had told me, and she gave me the confirmation I needed.  The following Friday I put in my resignation, and February 4 was my last day at work.  Since that night at SFL I have felt such a peace about my life and my future, it is truly a peace that surpasses understanding.  But I still have to keep reminding myself of Matthew 6:25-34 (NLT) that says that if the birds in the field are fed and don’t worry- why should I?  And if the lilies of the valley are clothed in splendor even more beautiful than Solomon, why worry about where my clothes will come from?  I feel like Peter (Matthew 14:22-33), who has just stepped off the boat into the lake.  Only now I’m Peter and the lake is my home, but my Jesus hasn’t changed.  He is still waiting with a helping hand whenever I need to call out to Him.

Because my full time job is now to stay at home, you will start seeing more and more posts from me- a majority of the topics will be essential oil/holistic living/lifestyle posts.  I am beginning a new career as a full time Young Living distributor to help supplement our income.  If you’re at all interested in essential oils or the any of the products Young Living has to offer, please feel free to contact me at hannahkate.tx@gmail.com.  Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily information and special giveaways (@hannahkate.essentials)- just look for my logo!

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Control vs. Rest

Control, it’s a substance that I am addicted to.  I want to know what’s coming next, I want to know what’s happening where, when and why.  It’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life.  The largest area that I have struggled with control is when a change arises.  Destin could change tooth paste on me and I’d want to know exactly when and why he decided our old tooth paste just wasn’t good enough; it doesn’t matter how small the change, I immediately become defensive.  This need for control has held me back from experiencing joy in many areas of my life.  When Destin and I first got married I moved into the apartment with him, this changed every aspect of my life.  My drive to work was different, my morning and evening routine was different, the grocery stores around me were different.  So, instead of enjoying the newly wedded bliss I should have been, I was worried about the changes I was experiencing.  Recently we moved in with Destin’s parents so that we could save for a home more rapidly, this change wasn’t any easier than any other I’ve experienced.  My point is- the need for control is a bad habit that needs to be broken.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT)  For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Every day I have to make a conscious choice to rest in this verse, to allow God’s plans to work in my life.  I have to make the decision not to try and control everything, because my God has everything in my life under control.  I can’t say it’s every easy giving up control, but I can say that once I’ve given Him what I’m trying to control everything works out a lot smoother than if I had tried to line it out myself.  So I would encourage you to rest in the one who has the perfect plan in your life.  Find a verse, a chapter, or a story in the bible that you can stand on and rest in when you feel like the need to control is rising up.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT) Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.  Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.